Corporate SecurityCommercial and Education users require reliable and cost-effective communications.

In today’s increasingly competitive business markets, the need for reliable communications is more important than ever, with requirements on full coverage and clear voice transmissions and services. An effective communication system with powerful functions increases work efficiency, whether it’s quickly dispatching the maintenance staff for service or having security patrol an area of a building.

In today’s constantly changing environment, schools are faced with many challenges, none more important than keeping students and staff connected, safe and secure.

RCC offers cost effective digital radio solutions that can provide users with much more functionality than analog. A DMR (a standards-based protocol) or NXDN (an open proprietary protocol) digital system can provide digital clarity, spectrum efficiency and other operational benefits.

A unique solution in the industry is Icom’s new radio system for wireless local area networks (WLAN). It is a product that bridges the gap between license-free and licensed radio devices. The system can be connected to an existing WLAN network and allows full duplex communication with reliable sound quality. Icom’s new WLAN-based radio system offers scalable, license-free communication that uses standardized wireless network products as infrastructure.

For government-related educational entities, RCC offers many of its portable and mobile products through purchasing contracts such as North Carolina’s 725G, which allows you to procure equipment without the need to go through a lengthy bid process.

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